Official brass US Lighthouse Establishment dust pan used by lighthouse keeper Judah Berry at Great Point Lighthouse, Nantucket, circa 1895.  The dust pan has a typical triangular plate connecting the top of the dust pan to the handle.  The plate has a stamped text U.S. Lighthouse Establishment and the base of the pan within an old border has the stamped text U.S.L.H. DEPOT 3, LAMP SHOP STATEN ISLAND N.Y.  This all brass dust pan has a hollow brass tapered handle with a brass cap at the end with a 'D' ring hook.  The pan has a brass back with two tapered brass sides which was the standard issue form provided to lighthouse keepers for American lighthouses before the Lighthouse Establishment became the Lighthouse Service in 1910.      (I-886)


Provenance:  The dust pan and accompanying documents and photos have descended in the Berry family of Harwich, Massachusetts.
List of documents: 
 1.)  Reproduction photo of Judah Berry and his two sons  - Herbert Berry and Wilton (?) Berry.  The three men are on a sailing vessel wearing USLHE uniforms.  Lighthouse keeper, Judah Berry's sons were apparently captains on board lightship vessels.  This photograph was taken by E. Paul Tilghman, a prominent African-American late 19th Century photographer from New Bedford.
 2.)  A portrait of Judah Berry standing holding a telescope wearing his uniform.  The photo is signed lower right 'E.Paul Tilghman New Bedford.' 
 3.) A scan of a letter written by Judah Berry January 12, 1904 discussing life as a lighthouse keeper and his intentions to resign.
 4.) An article from the Cape Cod Times September 6, 1986 titled 'Lighthouse Keeper's Kin to Shine at Dedication.'  The article gives background information regarding Judah Berry and indicates he died in January 1905 at age 70 while climbing in the cast iron staircase in the lighthouse.
 5.) A letter written August 18, 1986 by Senator Edward Kennedy regarding the dedication and the Senator's support in having Congress appropriate funds for the restoration of Great Point light.  
Note: Judah Berry was Master/Commanding Officer on the U.S.L.H.E. Light ship the Poillock Rip which was one of the Nantucket Light ships before he was Light house keeper at Great point light.
Condition:  With the exception of a few minor dings, the dust pan is in excellent condition.
Dimensions of dust pan:  Width 11 3/4 inches; Depth with handle 12 1/2 inches; Height 3 1/2 inches.