Rare violin storage cabinet, probably American, circa 1880.  The case has a molded base and a crown molded top.  It has a hinged glazed door which retains the original glass, lock and key. The inside top center of the door bears the date 1882. The front and sides of the case have a stained and varnished surface.  There is a thin gild strip at the top of the crown molding.  The interior of the case is divided into six (6) compartments, all of which retain the original green felt lining.  The left-side compartment is four inches wide and full length.  At the top there is a brass bar for hanging bows.  The case contains two (2) bows in disrepair, along with a tube which contains violin strings.  To the right, there are four equally spaced compartments, each designed to house a violin.  Presently, there are three (3) violins in various states of disrepair. Below the violin compartments is a single wide compartment which presently contains two (2) ebony chin rests, two (2) ebony finger boards, an ebony tail piece, a bridge, a 440 tuning fork, rosin and a deep red velvet resting pad. (MI-217) 
Condition:  The case has an untouched original surface.  The varnish has an even crackalure throughout. 
Dimensions:  Width 23 5/8 inches; Height 37 inches; Depth 10 3/4 inches.