Carved mahogany tiller for an English yacht, circa 1880.  The tiller is beautifully carved and has the typical reverse curved shape.  The end of the tiller has an appealing carved dog head resembling a spaniel.  The features are remarkably realistic, particularly the eyes, nose and mouth as well as the shaping of the head.  The ears and top of the head are scored to simulate fur as are the eyebrows and whiskers below the nose.  Below the head, the diameter of the tiller reduces where it is gripped by the helmsman.  It then expands in diameter and there is a section of approximately 24 inches in length with deep beading.  The end of the section terminates in alternating arrow shapes with diamond shapes.  The next section of approximately 16 inches is round and widens into the final section which is rectangular with decorative carving to the edges.  The end of the tiller rises up and narrows like a wedge where it sits into the rudder.  Stylistically, there are many similar features between this tiller and the tiller of yacht, America. (FA-772) 

Condition:  The tiller has a few tiny mars and checks.  It has a wonderful patina and original surface. 
Dimensions:  Length 67 3/4 inches; Thickness varies between 2 1/4 and 3 3/4 inches.