Fine miniature carved boxwood figurehead after the original that was Carved by Isac Fowle of Boston circa 1820 Titled "Lady with a Scarf" carved by Lloyd McCaffrey in the 1990s. The figurehead depicts a beautiful woman with her hair in a bun. She is wearing a long flowing dress.  Her right hand is grasping the dress as though she is lifting it some. Her left arm is at her side. Her right leg is stepped forward and her left leg is stretched back. She is standing on a carved base that angles up with a carved scroll at both sides in the front. There is a top rounded board the goes down her back and attaches to the angled base. This base or mount was how she was mounted to the front of the ship. Draped over the top of the backboard is a folded shawl which comes around and drapes over her right outstretched arm. McCaffrey built a two-staged block mount which the figurehead rests on. Mounted to the base of the mount is a brass plaque which states “Issac Fowle Figure by Lloyd McCaffrey”. The Figure head base is mounted on a larger wood base that has a drop-down rectangular cube plexiglass case. The base of the case is recessed for the plexiglass to drop into about a ¼ inch. The bottom of the case has felt. To remove the Plexi top one has to pull back to small metal pins that connect the plexi top to the wood base. (FA-1143)
Note: The figurehead belongs to the Bostonian Society which is housed in the Old Boston State House. The figure never went to sea and was used as a display model in Isaac Fowle's workshop at 53 Pine street Boston. Fowle continued at he shop and was joined by his two sons John and William until  1869.
Height of Figurehead With Her Base: 3 Inches
Height of Figurehead with double plynth: 6 Inches
Height of Case: 8 ,  Width 5 1/2, Debth 4 1/2, Inches