Freitag, Conrad 
                                                                                 (American   1845 - 1894) 
Oil on board, portrait of the New York pilot schooner No. 13 which was the CALDWELL H. COLT, American, circa 1887, signed in red lower left: "C. Freitag 173 South Str. N.Y."  The painting depicts the vessel under full sail.  The No.13 is painted in large numbers on the main sail of the rear mast.  The sail seams and reef points are still clearly visible.  The hull is painted with great accuracy and is typical in design of the New York pilot boats of that era with the plum bow and rounded stern.  The deck detail is well rendered, featuring a skylight, companionway and helmsman. Flying from the peak of the rear mast is the American merchant flag.  At the horizon to the left is a transitional steam-sail vessel with three masts and furled sails.  To the right is a three masted ship under full sail.  The sky and water are beautifully rendered and is typical of Freitag's style.  The painting retains its original frame. (Pa-505) 


Condition of painting:  The painting has some small areas of scattered in-paint in the sky and a small amount of in-paint in the sails. Condition of frame:  The painting retains its original gold leaf frame which is in excellent condition. 
Reference 1:  "List of Merchant Vessels of the United States - 1890", p. 77. The Caldwell H. Colt was built in Greenpoint, New York in 1887. Her homeport was New York, NY.  She was 79 feet in length, 21.5 feet in breadth and she drew 9.1 feet. 
Reference 2:  A very similar painting by Freitag (Pilot No.4) is illustrated in full page color on page 56 of:     Brewington, Dorothy E.R., "Marine Paintings and Drawings in Mystic Seaport Museum", Mystic, Connecticut: 1982. Note:  Besides this painting, Freitag painted other New York pilot boats including No.1, No.3, No.4, No.5, No.7 and the pilot boat Fannie. 
Dimensions of painting:  10 1/2 x 14 1/2. 
Dimensions of frame:  18 x 22.