Extremely rare and importan sterling presentation silver puch bowl signed on the bottom 'Tiffany & Co., above 1970, above QUALITY 925.1000 and  flanked by a pair of 'M',  above the numeral 5950 above Union Square' and dated on the inscription August 11th and 12th 1876. The round bowl is shaped like a hemi-sphere with a beautifully engraved border above a turned bulbus shaped base with ropework border. On oppisite sides of center of the bowl are applied sterling round with square backed castings depicting Neptune's Face with large beard. Mounted on opposite sides 90 degrees from the Neptune castings are life-like shaped and detailed large sterling anchors which are attached to the bowl with square mounting plates with decorative knotted rope work. Applied to the base on opposite ends are exotic shapes sterling cast dolphins. The nautical themes created for this bowl are most appropriate given the fact that this important presentation bowl bears the fancy engraved descrition below.  (Does not show proper spacing)  

Presented To
Capt. J.S. Dickerson
By the NY Yacht Club in Recognition of the 
Over the Canadian Yacht
Countess of Dufferin
In the International Contest for the signal Victories Won by The
America's Cup
On The 
11th and 12th of August 1876

Note 1: In a letter addressed to J.S. Dickerson dated June 24, 1876 on NYYC stationary it was stated that there was an unaimous vote of the ragatta and  advisory committees that the Yacht Madeleine would represent the New York Yacht Club in the 1876 America's Cup. There were two races held on consecutive days August 11th and 12th in which Medeleine one the first by 10 min and 59 sec. and the second race by 27 min. and 14sec. The Madeliene was 107 feet lenth overall and she had a beam of 23 feet 9 inches and she had a draft of 18 feet with her center-board down. At the time of the Race the Madeleine was owned by the Commodore of the Brooklyn Yacht Club John S. Dickerson who was also a member of the NYYC. She was built nine years earlier by David Kirby in Rye, New York in 1870 and received many modifications by 1876. She had won several races and was considered the fastest boat in the NYYC fleet, when the challenge came from the Royal Canadian Yacht Club with their Schooner the Countess of Dufferin.  It was no surprise that the Madeleine was selected to be the defender of the third Americica's Cup. 
Many trophies were presented to America's Cup captains by various individuals for various reasons but there are only four other tropies known that were given by The New York Yacht Club (the official America's Cup defending Club) to the winning captain or syndicate leaders.
List of other America's Cup Trophies presented by the New York Yacht Club
1. 1886 Presented to General Paine for the Yacht Mayflower in the collection of NYYC
2. 1887 Presented to General Paine for the Yacht Volunteer in the collection of the NYYC
3. 1895 Presented to the owners of of Yacht Defender  in the Collection of Mystic Seaport
4. 1899 Presented to C. Oliver Iselin of the Yacht Colombia in the collection of Mystic Seaport
The first 2 listed trophies are illustrated and described in Volume II and the 3 & 4th are illustated in Volume III in the books titled "The Holy Grail of Yachting: The Art and Artifacts of the America's Cup" by Alan Granby and Janice Hyland
Of the four known trophies listed above this the fifth is the earliest example known and the only one in private hands. (MI-746)
Provanace: This bowl desended through John S. Dickerson family for four generations and was purchased from the family by Hyland Granby Antiques.
Note 2:   Tiffany bowl Presented to Captain Dickerson required four silver pins and a hand crafted silver screw to correctly match the missing pieces holding the anchors and dolphins to the cup.  I examined the cup and assure you that all parts are constructed of 925 silver.  Tiffany pioneered the marking and use of the 925 (sterling silver alloy) in the mid 19th century.  The Union Square address on the Tiffany touch mark and the pattern number 1970 indicates that it was made in the 1865 to 1870 period. The M touch marks indicate it was designed and fabricated by William Moore, silversmith who later became a part owner of Tiffany and Company.
This manufacture date suggests that the bowl was commissioned by the New York Yacht Club previous to the presentation date of 1876. 
I hope this information will be of use.
Dan Cullity
Dimensions: Height to Rim 9 7/8 inches
                       Height to top of Anchors 11 1/2 inches
                       Bowl Diameter 11 7/8 inches
                       Bowl Diameter Anchor to Anchor 16 inches
                       Diameter of Base 6 5/8 inches