Oil on canvas attributed to John Hughes circa 1850. The ship "Columbia" is depicted with a pilot schooner to her left to bring the ship into Liverpool harbor. The painting has brilliant color and outstanding detail. It is one of the finest ship portraits we have ever examined. The second sail on the Main Mast has a black ball painted in the middle of the sail. This indicates that the ship is a Black Ball line vessel and at the top of the main mast is a red flag with the black ball further identifies it is part of the fleet. The Colombia was built by William Webb for the Black Ball Line of Liverpool. She was 169 feet in length, 37 feet in breath and she drew 21 feet. When launched on March 26th the Colombia was regarded as one of the finest ships afloat. Her first commander was James Rathbone. Like many of the staunch built packets she had a long eventful career. She had false painted gun ports along her hull with a quarter board with her name on the bow and stern. Her five signal flags are flying above the American flag which if flying from the gaff.
Reference: “A Descriptive Catalogue of the Marine Collection To be Found at India House” by Co- Founder James a. Farrell, Copyright India House 1935 First Edition. Description#10 illustration showing the painting full page facing page 10 No.20. and titled "Colombia".
Dimensions of Painting: Height 23, Width 35 3/4, Inches
Dimensions of Frame: Height 34, Width 45 1/4, Inches
Condition: Excellent (Refer to condition report from Yost Restoration)

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