Antonio Jacobsen (1850-1921
Oil on canvas depicting the ship "Albania" with pilot boat 11 off New York Harbor. The painting is a rare subject featuring three primary vessels, circa 1878. The “Albania is flying an American flag from her fore mast and a red pennant with the vessel's name from her main mast and an English flag from her gaff. To her left is a pilot schooner with the somewhat obscure number “11” on her main sail. She is flying the Union Jack from her main mast. To the right is a naval vessel at anchor flying an American flag. In the right foreground is a red buoy.  The water is beautifully painted and is similar to the type of water Jacobsen painted in the late 1870's. The sky is a bright robin’s egg blue with scattered white clouds. This is one of the more artistic paintings we have examined by Jacobsen with the boats sailing in different angles and directions rather than a typical profile. (PA1026)
Literature: This painting is listed in Antonio Jacobsen - "The Checklist" by Harold S. Sniffen (Sanford & Patricia Smith Galleries, Ltd., N.Y., 1984), p. 24-25 #15. The listing indicates that the painting was created in the circa 1878 and measured 18 x 30 inches.
Dimensions of Painting: Height 18, Width 30 inches
Dimensions of Frame: Height 25, Width 36 1/4 inches