Oil on canvas, patriotic painting, American school, circa 1860.  The shape of the painting suggests that it may have been painted to be hung over a doorway.  The draftsmanship and color are outstanding.  The painting depicts an American eagle with his wings outspread, his head up looking towards the right.  In his right talon, he is holding a cluster of arrows and in his left, a holly branch with red berries.  Hanging from the eagle's neck on a gold chain is an American shield.  The back drop behind the eagle is very dramatic.  It features a sunburst with excelerated sized rays.  Between each ray is a painted five pointed star.  At the center of the rays is a blue sky with white puffy clouds along the edges. Running along the base of the painting is a flowing banner which is red on the front face and blue on the back. The banner terminates on each side with a pair of fancy tassles.  In white lettering on the banner the words: "E PLURIBUS UNUM" are painted.  The painting hjas a modern gold leaf frame.  This painting is a wonderful example of American patriotic art of the Civil War period. (PA-1019) 
Condition:  The painting has been lined.  There is a small tear repair and very minor scattered inpaint. 
Dimensions of Painting:  Height 12, Length 50, Inches
Dimensions of Frame: Height 21, Width 58, Inches