Pair of Scrimshaw Polychrome teeth. The left facing is identified as the "Alabama" and the other right the "Kearsarge".  Each tooth has a pair of Crossed Polychrome Flags below the tip. American circa 1864.
The Left tooth has a beautifully engraved and colored pair of American flags, above a fine engraving of a ship titled below “KEASARGE” within banner. The right tooth has an engraved pair of finely detailed Confederate flags with crossing stipes with stars, above a fine engraving of a ship with the title “KEARSARGE” on a banner matching the opposite tooth. This pair of teeth are fine examples depicting the famous ships that battled in the American Civil War. Of know of no other examples of scrimshaw teeth depicting theses famous ships.
Condition: The Teeth are in fine condition with crisp engraving and mellow age patina. Booth teeth of some typical chipping along the basses and the Alabama tooth has a chip repair in the bottom right corner. The teeth have been recently mounted on round mahogany bases. (SC1233)
Dimensions: Height 5 ½, Width 3, Inches
Note: The battle often reffered to as the Battle off Cherbourg or the Sinking of CSS Alabama, was a single-ship action fought during the American Civil War between a United States Navy warship, USS Kearsarge, and a Confederate States Navy warship, CSS Alabama, on June 19, 1864, off Cherbourg,