Platinum print depicting the 1885 America's cup Challenger  Genesta circa 1885. The photograph is titled in pencil on the reverse "Genesta" and is annotated in ink more recently on the reverse "#214 Edwin Hale Lincoln Col.". 
Note  Edwin Hale Lincoln (1848-1938) was a well-recognized American fine arts photographer who was one of the few photographers that created platinum prints. A few of his America's cup platinum photographs appear in the book "The Holy Grail of Yachting: The Art of the America's Cup" Volume II on pages 166 & 167 & 212-213. On page 213 plate II.5.27 the image  is titled on the front of the mat in the artist's hand "Genesta". The title and hand writing in the book matches the title of the print described above and the subjects are very similar. The two photographs were probably taken on the same day and printed concurrently. (PH-434)
Dimensions of photograph: Height 9 1/2, Width 7 1/2, inches
Dimensions of Matt: Height 17, Width 14, inches