Scrimshaw Polychrome Whales Tooth depicting in the Obverse an Armed Brig under sail with a large polychrome American flag flying from the gaff and a banner from the peak of the main mast. Below the vessel is a band of striped stylized water. Below the water is the test "U.S.B. SPARK". The quality of the engraving is excellent. The revers is titled "Hope" below a round base With a standing women leaning on a tall anchor in a long fancy dress with her right hand near her face. 
Condition: The tooth has a nice mellow age patina and is in generally excellent condition. There are a with a few small scratches around "HOPE" and a few more on the side of the tooth. Their are a few minor small typical age cracks around the tip.
Reference: Merchant Sail by William Armstrong Fairburn, Published in 1945-1955 by Fairburn Marine Educational Foundation, Inc. Center Lovell Maine: Page 751. "On February 23, 1815 five days after the peace treaty of the United States with England had been proclaimed, President James Madison recommended that war be declared against Algiers. Two Navel squadrons were ordered detailed for service in the Mediterranean. The first to get away sailing May 20, known as the New York squadron, was under the command of Captain Stephen Decatur and consisted of ten vessels mounting 210 guns which included the Brig "Spark" with 12 Guns and captained by Lieutenant Gamble. The Spark was built in Sag Harbor New York and was purchased by the Navy at Baltimore, Maryland in 1814. The Brig "Spark" was 310 tons, length 103 feet, beam 24 feet 4 inches. Armament 2 long 18-pounder guns and 10 18 pound carronades.
Dimensions: Height 5 3/8, Width 2 1/2, Inches