Rare Chelsea 10 Inch Mariner's Ship's Clock manufactured in 1926.  The clock has a silver dial which is stamped: Chelsea Clock Company, Boston U.S.A. and is also stamped: "CHELSEA SHIP'S BELL" between the winding posts near the center of the dial.  The clock retains its original "Special" dial with has applied bronze numerals and fancy pierced hands.  Below the numeral "12" is a slow/fast adjustment.  The clock has its original Chelsea 8 day time and strike movement which is numbered: "181738" on the movement. The movement has patent information stamped into the plate which states " Chelsea Clock Co., Boston U.S.A., Patented September 1898, June 5th,1900, In Great Britain May 31, 1900.  The clock retains its original red brass case with hinged bezel. Surrounding the case are ten spooked ship's wheel handles. The case sits on a bronze base which sits on an mahogany base with wood back and molded edge to the base. This wood panel conforms to the shape of the red brass base. (CL-610) 
Note: According to the Chelsea Clock Museum this clock based on the Chelsea Factory Record Books shows that this and only 1 other 10 Chelsea Mariner Clock was produced.
Condition:  The clock has been recently polished and the movement was overhauled. The clock is in excellent running condition.  There are a few minor scuffs to the back of the wood base which has an old finish. 
Dimensions: Diameter of Dial 10 inches
Diameter of Bezel: 12 inches
Diameter of Ship's Wheel: 19 inches. 
Height : 27 1/2 inches;
Depth: 9 inches