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VERY FINE AND RARE WHALEBONE SCRIMSHAW WALL POCKET, NANTUCKET, MASSACHUSETTS, CIRCA 1870 mounted on a later carved wood and parcial-ebonized frame; together with documents from a whale ship. A unique tour de force, it is one of the largest genuine single pieces of scrimshaw in existence. The wall pocket mounted on the wall and used to hold newspapers, letters and magazines. It was constructed by sectioning very large slabs of whalebone from the panbone and working them into extremely complex, open-carved pieces, which were joined with copper rivets and pins. A unique tour de force, it is one of the largest scrimshaw items constructed entirely out of whalebone and whale ivory in a single piece of scrimshaw in existence.
Dimensions: Height 29, Width 25 7/8, Inches
Breckenridge-Long Collection, Nantucket
Frank Sylvia, Nantucket;
Barbara Johnson Collection, Nantucket
Osona Auction 1993, Nantucket
The wall pocket appears to have been in Nantucket no later than the 1920s and possibly before.
Hyland Granby Antiques,
Private Collection Martha’s Vineyard.
Dimensions: Height 29 in. by Width 25 ⅞in. 

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