Giant clam shell (Tridacna Gigas) native to the India Pacific and found in Fairhaven, MA. The shell has four vertical folds which is typical for these large shells.  The largest speciment which was discovered around 1817 on the Northwest coast of Sumatra is 18 inches wider than this shell and is on display in a museum in northern Ireland.  These shells are quite rare and are now considered endangered which will limit the collecting of any new specimen's.  These clams grow at a slow rate and it would be realistic to estimate that this clam had a life in the water of about 75 years and it appears that it has been a collectible for about 50 years. The shell sits in a custom made mahogany base with metal supports. (MI-710)


Condition: There is a small chip near the ceter of the top edge of the two center lobes.
Dimensions of Shell : Width - 35 7/8 inches, Height 25 1/2 inches, Debth 17 inches
Dimensions of Wood Base : W - 29  inches, Hight 6 1/2 inches, Debth 19 inches