Rare carved Teak Yacht tiller with finely detailed carve ‘BULL DOG’ head at the grip end probably English circa 1880. The bull dog head has a very realistic appearance showing the standard bull dog face with large jowls and the typical overbite. We have examined many yacht tillers with dog shaped carved ends but this is the first example of a “Bull Dog” decoration.  This medium sized tiller may have been used on a yacht in the 60-foot size range. The tiller has the standard “s” curve shape. With the highest point just to the left of the middle. Fallowing the Carved head is an applied brass cylinder which raps the tiller's circumference and serves as a grip. Fallowing the grip, the tiller shaft is rounded and has a well-defined rope twist carved pattern. Near the other end the carving transitions into an acanthus leaf pattern on the sides. The top of the tiller is decorated with a series of six carved crescent moons of descending sizes from the back of the shaft to the front. The rear of the tiller has a molded metal applied fitting that is recessed into the sides of the tiller with copper fasteners. The fitting extends beyond the tiller and has a solid 4-sided shape with a curved top. This fitting was designed to fit into a slot at the top of the rudder and form a solid coupling. (FA-1099)
Condition: The tiller was restored and the wood surface has a recently varnished surface and the metal parts have been polished.
Length:  51 3/4 Inches