Royal Ocean Racing Egg 
Magnificent porcelain egg with compound base commenorating the 1987 America's Cup. The egg is signed and numbered on the inside of the bottom half of the egg "MADE IN ENGLAND 1987 ROYAL WORCESTER, THE OCEAN RACING EGG Modelled by Kenneth Potts No. 42 of 50." The top of the egg has printed scenes depicting yacht America on one side and and on the opposite the first time Austrailian America's Cup Defender Kookaburra III. The remainder of the egg has gilt-decorated panels including one with a compass motif. The top of the egg has an applied gold metal anchor with chain. The egg sits on on a fancy  multi-tiered base. The top of the base is white porcelain and resembles the famous Sydney Opera House. The base like the opera house is comprised of three groups of interlocking vaulted "shells". The opera house constuction began in 1958 following the plans of the visionary architect John Utzon. The opera house was completed on October 20, 1973 and has become a world recognized architural masterpiece.  The lower section of the base is six sided and made of wood.  (MI-764)
H 13 1/2, W 9 inches (base)