Sailors Valentine with inscription "Forget me Not" Barbados last quarter 19th Century. The top and sides of the case are mahogany and the back wood is a typical pine like wood found on most valentines. The case has its original oxidized brass hinges and closure hook that works. The left side shell image has the expression “FORGET ME NOT” IN DARK SHELLS” WITHIN A ROUND BORDER “. There three layers of shells in a circular pattern going out to the blue border paper. The right-hand image Has a hart made of pink shells below a ping rose raised pattern withing a wide circle with white shells. There are two other shell patters moving towards the border with pink paper. It is rare to have two different color paper backgrounds on a particular valentine. The valentine retains its original wavy glass and the perimeter molding are complete as well. (FA1132)
Condition: The valentine is a fine example with an attractive shell pattern which is complete on booth sides with no missing shells. The case is a fine condition and has a typical warp but it does close when hooked.
Dimensions Open: Width 18 3/8, Height 9 1/8, Inches
Dimensions Closed: Width 9, Height 9, Inches