Whalebone and whale ivory scrimshaw swift, American, mid-nineteenth century.  The swift has a beautifully turned whale ivory clamp with the lower section turned in the form of a barrel. There are several fancy scribed bands which are filled with red ink.  The whale ivory set screw at the base of the clamp is beautifully turned with scribed red polychrome bands.  The base of the swift has a fluted section of whale ivory and is sandwiched between two "V" grooved whale ivory disks which look like pie crimper wheels.  The top and bottom of the cage is whale ivory and also has the red polychrome scribe lines.  The main shaft is whalebone as is the stays.  The swift retains its original whale ivory cup finial. (SC-845) 
Condition:  The swift is in excellent condition and has a mellow age patina.  The set screw for the sliding clamp is replaced. 
Dimension:  Height 25 inches.