Round panbone ditty box with wood top American third quarter 19th century. The panbone is fastened to the base of the basket with round head brass pins and the pan bone edge of the top is attached in the same manner. The overlapping joint fixing the pan bone sides to the base and top have hart shaped curves at the edge with a double row of brass pins spaced about a ½ inch apart. The exterior of top and bottom wood surfaces are finished which accentuates the highly figured island wood whereas the inside of the top and base are unfinished. (SC1208)
Condition: The basket is in excellent condition with a mellow age patina. There are a few typical age cracks where the pins are holding the joints together at the seam. The outside perimeter at the top of the basket is slightly lighter in color where the overlapping top kept the top of the basket from light exposure.
Dimensions: Height 3 ½, Diameter of box 3 ½, Inches