Fine scrimshaw whales tooth with images engraved on both sides, American mid-19th century.Meticulous and fine workmanship, both sides with views of American ships flying bold oversize American flags. Obverse with a sunrise over a spread-wing eagle with a Liberty shield at its breast and olive branches and arrows in its talons. The thiple-decker ship of the line, believed to be the Pennsylvania, is flying an American flag off the stern and a long pennant off the mainmast. She is viewed from the port side off a hilly coastline and another ship is sailing in the distance. Reverse with a stern/starboard view of a frigate flying a swallowtail pennant from the mainmast and a large American flag off the stern. (SC1223)
Length 6.75".
Condition: Scattered age lines and roughness at base. Chip repair, and possibly other restoration, at base. Age line/crack runs nearly the length of the obverse.