Rare and probably unique special order twin dial carved oak mantle clock with a perpetual calendar signed “Tiffany Makers on both silvered dials and TIFFANY & COMPANY on the back of the movement. The case is made from oak and is adorned with carved sea serpents. The hands are all steel-cut and the month’s hand has a textured gilt-bronze sun typical of Tiffany Makers’ work. Both dials have hinged bezels with beveled glasses and silver reflecting rings.
The eight-day two-barrel time and strike movement has a pendulum and is quarter striking on 3 gongs. At each quarter it runs the three gongs starting at 15 after and then adding an additional run for each additional quarter up to the third quarter. On the hour it strikes the appropriate hour on one gong. The backplate is stamped with the movement makers stamp is also stamped ‘Tiffany and Company, 2966’. The linkage for the calendar runs off the strike barrel and trips the perpetual calendar movement once per day. The typically Tiffany Makers calendar work has knurled knobs off the backplate to adjust the various functions. The pendulum is about eight inches in length and has a machined brass bob with a brass dial which can be rotated back and forth to adjust for slow or fast performance. Flanking the wheel are the Letters “R” and “A” above the stamped #1548 and in a border the brass bob is engraved “Thieb BT 27 S.G.B.C”.
Notes:    This clock was most certainly a custom order and is probably one of a kind. It was created around 1910 at the end of Tiffany Makers production timeline. Although they made about 850 clocks in total, there are very few examples with fully perpetual calendars. (CL0608)
For a similar example of their calendar work that includes the painted moon dial feature see the Tiffany Makers grandfather clock at the MET.
Dimensions: Height 18, Width 24, depth 8, Inches