Exceptional whale Ivory and whalebone cane. The grip is in the form of a clenched fist with well-articulated fingers and finger nails. At the wrist is a raised cuff with inlaid baleen buttons above a round
baleen discs which is just above the shaft. The whale bone shaft is carved from a single piece of whale bone. There are 5ive carved patterns of about 3 ½ inches each separated by various caved bands two of which have multiple baleen inlays around the circumference.  The carved shaft sections include diamond hatch , ”Z” groved, ropework and fluting. The remaining 9 inches of the tapered shaft is smooth tapering to the tip. (SC1241)
Condition: The cane is in excellent condition and has a warm deep patina. The ferrule is lacking.
Length: 33 Inches