Maritime Maverick

The Collection of William I Koch


Produced and Edited By: Alan Granby and Janice Hyland


A highly personal collector, Bill Koch has brought together a fabulous collection of masterworks reflecting his love of the sea and its traditions. The collection includes maritime works by artists such as Homer, Remington, Dufy and Botero. It also includes a magnificent assemblage of canvases depicting important naval battles of the War of 1812, especially incidents involving USS Chesapeake. Mr. Koch's collection of models of America's Cup boats is complete, containing not only every yacht that won the Cup, but also every one that ever competed for it.



In addition, the collection features an unprecedented gathering of shipboard furniture, navigating instruments, and the like. Handsomely designed and produced, Maritime Maverick is by any measure the most opulent and impressive maritime art book of the new millennium-- an essential addition to any maritime library.


Price: $150.00